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RosExpert RosExpert является одним из лидеров российского рынка комплексных решений в области управленческого капитала.

Junior Researcher

One of the leading Russian companies providing integrated services for Executive Search (first and second tier positions), Leadership and Talent Consulting and Board Services, the exclusive partner of the world’s premier provider in the field of Human Capital services invites: Junior Researcher.
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  • Working on international searches in Russia and CIS, Eastern, Central and Western Europe and Latin America;
  • Executing research projects in different industries, positions and locations;
  • Delivering into development of strategy and tactics for project execution, elaborating project execution plan, and initiating new search strategies;
  • Executing basic research, including: target company list, database retrieval of relevant prior searches, identification of prospective candidates in target companies unknown previously, use of external and corporate library resources for gathering data on potential candidates/sources, general industry information and relevant target companies data;
  • Elaborating Target List in accordance with the approved search areas and meeting deadlines set by a Team leader;
  • Conducting desk-research;
  • Drafting search documents, such as candidate and reference reports, and search reports;
  • Providing administrative support in terms of communication with candidates.
  • Fluent English;
  • Higher education;
  • Awareness of economic and social events occurring in business community both in Russia and abroad;
  • Experience in interviewing and assessing candidates, in information research and analysis.
  • Presentation skills (written and oral);
  • Bright communication skills;
  • Understanding of business ethics;
  • Ability to work in team and build efficient relationships with different types of people;
  • Ability to meet deadlines, to work under pressure and in force majeures;
  • Persistence in achieving goals and ability to work hard;
  • Multi-focused, ability to switch from one activity to another, preserving the key outline;
  • Loyal.
Условия работы
  • Internal training and development program;
  • Salary 22000 – 45000 RUB;
  • Opportunity to use and improve English;
  • Opportunity to build career in the company;
  • Opportunity to learn and practice the best world technologies in Executive Search and Assessment;
  • Opportunity to participate in international training programs;
  • Opportunity to communicate with brand name business people;
  • Transparent KPI system;
  • Friendly environment.
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