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Web Project Manager

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  • To manage web department of the group companies (5 companies in Russia and overseas. 10 web sites for different companies and different projects);
  • To plan department work according to budget and targets of the group;
  • Participation in annual budgeting and planning;
  • To control budget execution;
  • To hire, motivate people;
  • To organize work of the department staff;
  • To manage and develop one of the most ambitious project for the group www.palmoil.com (to develop new services for the project, to organize exhibitions, events etc. to develop project globally).
  • Bachelor or magistrate;
  • Age from 25 to 45 years;
  • Experience in web business 7 years and above;
  • Language: Russian, English;
  • High level of computer and web programs knowledge (http and etc);
  • Fast, responsible, precise, with experience in management of group of people.
Условия работы
  • A very challenging work to ambitious person;
  • Good experience in growing and ambitious company;
  • Dynamic business environment;
  • Biz Travel opportunities overseas (Asia, Europe);
  • Legal contract with the company under RF law;
  • Office in downtown;
  • A five-day working week;
  • Salary increase after probation period;
  • Reasonable Income and annual bonus;
  • Optional program for key managers of the company;
  • Possible shifting for the department to one of the SE Asia countries (Malaysia, Singapore).
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